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Optimize Auto Repair Efficiency

Detect Auto is creating a computer vision system that provides real-time analytics on how auto technicians repair vehicles. We collect video footage via our Wi-Fi enabled cameras to detect cars, read license plates, generate analytics, and notify shop owners when repair times exceed standard work times. Additionally, our system will identify a team's strengths and weaknesses to help make work more effective and efficient.

Computer Vision Analytics Platform

View your auto repair shop's performance down to an individual repair - all in real-time. We give you visibility on how long an RO takes for a specific job type, vehicle, or technician. This allows you to improve scheduling and optimize your shop by focusing on the areas that require your immediate attention.


Track technician efficiency per job

Not sure which technicians excel at what jobs? Curious as to who's billing the most hours versus the most efficient hours? With Detect Auto and your shop management software, we can track how each technician performs on different makes and models. We also offer efficiency comparisons across technicians and vehicles so you can identify what training or tools are best for improving your shop performance.

Real-time vehicle repair tracking

Our computer vision system monitors bay status to see what lifts are being underutilized (or conversely exceed book times on repairs). We plan to interface with any shop management software, but we're currently only supporting Tekmetric. If you want us to add your software, shoot us a message using the form below!

In the near future, we'll be able to provide your customers live updates of the repair status of their car so you don't have to spend any time or effort connecting with them until the job is done and they're ready to retrieve their vehicle.


  • Do you offer professional installation for the vision system?

    Yes - you can install them using the instructions provided in the app, or we can come out to your location and set it up.

  • How do I activate the cameras?

    To initialize a camera, generate a QR code from the app for the bay that you're installing the camera in. Once the camera registers the QR code, position the camera so it's aligned with the center of the bay. It should be at least 8 ft. off the ground and 10-15 ft. away from the bay.

  • What is the ideal mounting configuration for each camera?

    We recommend mounting each camera on the ceiling so there's an unobstructed view of each lift. Our cameras work best when installed facing the center of the bays so license plates and vehicles are easily visible. We offer both screws and a heavy-duty adhesive to mount your camera in these locations.

  • How many cameras can each auto shop support?

    We can support as many cameras as you have bays! We're a scalable product, so we're ready to grow with you as you expand your shop.